Our spiritual body is an amazing creation of the divine with the following state of energies:

  • Chakras – the seven energy centers
  • Nadis – the three energy channels
  • Bhavsagar - the void
  • Kundalini Shakti - the energy coiled as a serpent
  • Auras - the energy surrounding our bodies

These energies are very powerful. Our spiritual growth as well as our health, happiness and well-being are dependent on the state and balance of these energies. These energies are briefly explained below:

a. Chakras and Channels

Chakras are the energy centers located within the energy channels of our subtle body. The chakras and channels control the various functions of our body and are also known as the autonomous nervous system. While medical science recognizes the existence of the chakras and channels, it does not know the system which controls and activates them. However, this knowledge is well understood in spirituality. The seven chakras and three channels are as follows:

Muladhar Chakra, Swadhisthan Chakra, Manipur Chakra, Hryday Chakra, Vishuddhi Chakra, Agya Chakra, Sahasrar Chakra, Ida Nadi (Left Channel), Pingala Nadi (Right Channel) and Sushumna Nadi (Center Channel).

The chakras cannot be seen, just as electricity cannot be seen. However, we verify that electricity exists every time we turn on an electrical appliance. In much the same way, we verify the existence of our chakras when we `turn them on’ during meditation. We will experience the sensation of energy flowing through them, as well as the impact of this energy flow on each chakra's corresponding nerve plexuses and associated organs.

Each of your chakras, is associated with specific functions and qualities. For example, the third chakra, Nabhi, is located in the solar plexus or central stomach area. This chakra governs the functioning of your internal organs and nerve networks in that area. It is associated with the states of contentment and satisfaction. Because we always had all the energy centers within ourselves, we always had the potential to be content.

In exploring our chakras, we willl find that most physical or psychological difficulties we experienced can be traced to an imbalance, or blockage in a specific chakra. A blockage prevents our Kundalini from passing through that chakra to rise to a higher level. As a result, the obstructed chakra does not function efficiently. This inefficiency manifests in our life as a physical, cognitive or emotional problem.

Once our Kundalini heals and balances an impaired chakra, the problem disappears. The newly energized chakra’s associated qualities are enhanced and strengthened. This then protects us from future problems. The stronger our chakras are, the stronger the associated qualities are within us. The more we develop and strengthen these qualities within, the stronger our chakras will become.

b. The Void

The void, or bhavsagar is the region located with the abdominal cavity. The Manipur chakra is contained within the void.

c. Kundalini Shakti

Kundalini Shakti resides in a dormant state as a coiled serpent in the Mooldhar Chakra. Once activated, it flows through the Sushumna Channel and passes through the other 6 chakras. It energizes, nurtures and balances the channels and chakras. To visualize how energy flow works, imagine our subtle energy system as a flute with seven holes. Each hole represents a chakra. The air blown through the flute represents our Kundalini energy. If the holes are unobstructed, it will produce melodious music. When the chakras are clear and free of obstructions, the Kundalini Energy flows through our body smoothly, achieving a harmonious balance.

d. Spiritual Auras

Auras are the spiritual energy field surrounding us.