ShivKaliBodh is process-driven and not person-driven. BhaiGuru propagates the truth that the ultimate divine power, ShivShakti, is our ultimate guru. With the awakening and manifestation of the virtues of the supreme divinity, our guru principle (tatva) gets activated. For our spiritual growth, it is important that we become our own gurus. The awakening of our guru principle (tatva) is possible only with our spiritual evolvement. For this we have to learn and practice a spiritual system which is pure and truth-loving. Without self-realization and our ultimate union with the divine, we cannot fully activate our consciousness. Once activated, our consciousness becomes our constant guide, as well as protector, and helps us in enjoying the gifts of life by remaining grounded in a spiritual way of living.

Therefore, in ShivKaliBodh there is no individual who is `the guru’ above all others. All spiritually evolved persons are mentors, who help and guide others on their path of spiritual growth. BhaiGuru also prefers to be accepted as a mentor and not as a guru. He is of the firm belief that our devotion and complete surrender should be to the divine only and not to any human being.

According to him all of us are in various stages of our spiritual evolvement, and none of us are going to become divine incarnations. Therefore, it is best to remain devotees of Almighty and with love, tolerance and benevolence, hand-hold each other in our spiritual journey for mutual betterment of our lives. Thus, ShivKaliBodh is mentor-based spiritual system, where all are equal since all are reflections of the same divine power.