The supreme Almighty Sadashiva comprises the three divine powers-Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. The reflection of Almighty Shiva within us is our soul. He is the life-force of all beings. He gives us our unique identity. He is our inner power. Only by his grace we can attain our union with our divine mother, Aadi Parashakti, who is Maa Parvati.

Mahadeva Shiva and Maa Parvati have been worshipped by millions of people since times immemorial, and innumerable temples are dedicated to them. Their lives are eulogized in many of our scriptures. Maa Parvati is worshipped in many forms such as Maa Durga, Maa Kali, Maa Chandi, Maa Bhavani, and Maa Chamunda.

Almighty Mahadeva Shiva and Almighty Maa Parvati are unborn, incomparable, timeless and eternal. They are the supreme powers. Our divine mother is none other than Maa Parvati. She is Shakti and she is Aadishakti.

Ardhanarishvara, the composite power of Mahadeva and Maa Kali, creates, controls and nourishes the universe. We know the divine in different divine forms. These divine forms exhibit different divine virtues, but we think that they are different Gods. The truth is that they are not separate entities. They are energies and energies don’t exist separately. They are inseparable. Therefore, all the divine forms are the different forms of the One Supreme God. The ultimate truth is thatShiva is Shakti and Shakti is Shiva. The conjugation ‘and’ between Shiva and Shakti is insignificant since the divine is one and only and this power is Shivashakti.