BhaiGuru Mahesh loves to write bhajans. This section covers the music videos listing of all the Bhajans written by him, sung by Prabhu Lakhera.

"Vinti Suniye" is our initial ascent prayers for all processes. This starts with seeking permission to pray and ultimately goes onto describing other Pure Desires that one must manifest like spreading the divine word or praising the divine. Written by BhaiGuru Mahesh and this female version sung by Barsha Pattnaik (original track by Prabhu Lakhera) is a fast tracked bhajan. The music video features Versha as the main protagonist who is devoted to her God and also keeps happily motivating her husband (Vijay) and kid (Agastya) to follow the path of bhakti. The husband realises the divine protection only when he could have almost lost his son to an accident. Basically a wake up to all of us that why do we need a misshapening in our lives to adopt the most fulfilling path of spirituality.

The formless Mahadev Shiv is omnipresent. The Fakir in this song is just happy in his devotion to Shiv and does not have any material desire rather he is fearful of the material things as he does not want to be distracted from his path of devotion and spirituality. This amazing piece truly representing the state of BhaiGuru's mind is so amazingly and effortlessly presented through his dance moved by another ShivKali devotee Jai Malhotra.

"Hey Kali" is a spiritually motivating piece written by BhaiGuru Mahesh. It features a story of a young boy from the hills born and grown up with the hardships of a village life. He, along with his mother are ardent Ma Kali devotees. Finally due to his dedication and continuous efforts, he gets a job in the city for which he is thanking Ma Kali that his faith and hard work has finally paid off.

On the occasion of MahaShivRatri of February 2014, we were launching our YouTube channel and to mark the launch we also launched our Shiv Arti beautifully written by BhaiGuru, sung by Prabhu ji. This gives one so much energy that you can't help yourself from making a few dance moves.

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