Aadi Parashakti or Aadishakti comprises the three Devi powers, Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasarasvati. These Devi powers activate and control the energies of our gross body as well as the subtle body. These divine powers are briefly explained as follows:
• Mahakali is the power of the left channel (Ida Naadi) of our subtle body. She stores our memories, controls our emotions and grants us inner strength.
• Mahalakshmi is the power of the centre channel (Sushumna Naadi) of our subtle body. She keeps us in balance and controls our present.
• Mahasarasvati is the power of the right channel (Pingala Naadi) of our subtle body. She controls our futuristic plans, thoughts and actions.

Since Mahakali stores our past and memories, all our experiences, knowledge, relations and past happenings remain safe with her. Hence, if a problem arises in the Mahakali tattva of a person, then this person can lose his memory.

On a subtle level, we should understand that a tiny seed of wheat grows into a wheat plant and not into any other plant. Human sperm produces a human baby and not another organism. This knowledge is inherent in the DNA of all types of organisms and plants.

Now, let’s contemplate on these two questions:
• Who is storing this knowledge in the DNA?
• Who is controlling germination and reproduction?

The ultimate truth is that this supreme power is our divine mother, Mahakali. Without her support, nature will come to a standstill and it will be devoid of life. Without her, the work of Mahalakshmi and Mahasarasvati will also not progress further.

Thus, we attain the ultimate gem of the spiritual knowledge that Maa Mahakali is herself Aadishakti. She is the most powerful, loving, tolerant, and forgiving goddess. She is also called Kalyani as she is very benevolent. She destroys the evil forces to protect us and preserve righteousness on this earth. She is our divine mother.

Therefore, Maa Mahakali is herself Mahalakshmi and Mahasarasvati. In the form of Gauri, she is present within us as our Maa Kundalini and grants us our union with the divine. She is Aadi Parashakti, Aadishakti and Shivashakti. She is Maa Parvati, the power of Mahadeva Shiva. In ShivKaliBodh, we lovingly and respectfully address the benevolent and peaceful Mahakali as Maa Kali.