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Kundalini Yoga is the most mysterious, and empowering aspect of spirituality. Maa Gauri as Maa Kundalini resides within us. Once Maa Kundalni is awakened, she energizes our subtle body consisting of the Chakras, Channels, Void and Divine Auras. With this, the divine love and virtues awaken within us, and begin to manifest in our thoughts, behavior, and action. When Maa Kundalini pierces our Sahasrara Chakra, she liberates us by establishing our union with the all-pervading divine consciousness. Gradually, our lives transform completely.

In ShivKaliBodh,the devotees are blessed with the awakening of their Kundalini by the grace of the marvelous Almighty Aadishakti Maa Kali and the magnificent Almighty Mahadeva Shiva. When we attain the ultimate state of human consciousness, which is our union with the divine, we attain the doubtless blissful state of Samadhi (deep meditation) and we become spiritually empowered.

Welcome to ShivKaliBodh

ॐ नमः माँ काल्यै I  ॐ नमः शिवाय I

The power of the magnificent Mahadev Shiv, and the marvelous AdiShakti Ma Kali is phenomenal. We were created as reflection of the divine, and this divine power is present in every atom of our physical body, and is the energy of our subtle spiritual body.

The source of our being is our inherent power. This power awakens with our self-realization; it manifests in our actions, and eventually grants us union with the divine. ShivKaliBodh is the spiritual system to take us on our pilgrimage to our inner being. It consists of clearly defined spiritual processes for our purification, and evolvement. It energizes our chakras, auras and channels, awakens our kundalini, and propels us onward to our spiritual ascent.

All are welcome to embark on their spectacular journey to their spiritual empowerment and union with Shiv, and divine mother, Kali.

During our journey in ShivKaliBodh, the divine love and virtues awaken within us spontaneously and our negative traits are destroyed. First, the virtues of the five elements of nature awaken within us. These virtues are selfless giving akin to bhumi tattva (earth element), magnanimity akin to gagan tattva (sky element), speed to our good deeds akin to vayu tattva (wind), enlightenment akin to agni tattva (fire element), and adaptability akin to neer tattva (water element).

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When the divine power we worship awakens within us, divine virtues become a part of our being, and the negative traits dissipate spontaneously. We begin exhibiting godly qualities in our behavior, and actions. This is a natural consequence of our union with the divine. To begin with, we can derive inspiration from the virtues exhibited by the five elements of nature, and awaken these virtues within.

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Our spiritual subtle body is an amazing creation of the divine. It consists of seven chakras, three channels, the void, the Kundalini, and the divine auras. The purification and balancing of the energies in our subtle body is the key to our good health, wealth, and blissful life.

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After 25 years of devoted worship of Mahadeva and Maa Kali, BhaiGuru was blessed with the spiritual process for the awakening of Maa Kundalini, and our union with the divine. On 10 April 2017, he embarked on his mission to spiritually empower the mankind.

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Our spiritual body is an amazing creation of the divine – with the seven energy centers (chakras), three channels, the void, the coiled kundalini and the divine auras. The correct balance in the energy of these different elements of our subtle body is the key to good health, wealth and happy blissful life.

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After 25 years of dedicated worship to AdiShakti Ma Kali, and Mahadev Shiv, BhaiGuru Mahesh was blessed with ShivKaliBodh. It is a very effective spiritual system for our spiritual evolvement. By following it, we can lead a blissful life, and ultimately attain salvation.

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To know the philosophy of ShivKaliBodh and the defined spiritual processes, please read the books written by BhaiGuru, listed here.

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