ShivKaliBodh is a spiritual system to awaken and activate the power of Adishakti Maa Kali and Mahadeva Shiva within us. By following the ShivKaliBodh spiritual processes, the energies of our subtle body purify, enhance and come in balance. Thus, the Aura and Charka healing happens spontaneously in ShivKaliBodh. When our Kundalini pierces our Sahasrara chakra, our union is established with the all-pervading divine consciousness and we become spiritually empowered.

Divine Love and Divine Virtues

The awakening and activation of the powers of divine love and divine virtues within us forms an important part of our spiritual growth in ShivKaliBodh. With the activation of our inherent power, the divine love and virtues begin to manifest in our thoughts, behavior and actions. These are discussed in detail under the headings ‘Divine Love and Divine Virtues’ in this section.


In ShivKaliBodh, the supreme divine powers are worshipped in form as well as in formless. The focus is on the Almighty God and human worship is discouraged. ShivKaliBodh is process-driven and spiritually empowers all those who practice it. It does not make them dependent upon anyone.


Our mission is to guide everyone in becoming spiritually empowered, without any discrimination, falsehood, dishonesty, greed or human worship.


Our vision is to bring a permanent positive change in this world and establish peace। This is possible only through our Enlightenment and Union with God