Our attainments validate the authenticity of the spiritual system that we are following for our spiritual evolvement. Our attainments in ShivKaliBodh are as follows:

1. We become truly free and liberated.
2. We are no more chained to our ego and conditionings.
3. We become fearless of diseases, superstitions, calamities and uncertainties of life.
4. We experience a glow on our being and transformation in our nature.
5. We become loving, compassionate, truthful, magnanimous, forgiving, adaptable, and peaceful.
6. We become our own gurus and are able to identify our shortcomings and eliminate them.
7. Our health improves and we begin to lead a disease-free life.
8. We accept this whole universe as our family and begin praying for the benevolence of others.
9. We attain a blissful and peaceful state of mind.

If we are attaining the above, then we are progressing spiritually and our inherent divine power is now active. However, if we have not yet achieved these, then we should pause, introspect and search for the reasons of our spiritual stagnation.