By following the ShivKaliBodh spiritual system and by the grace of Almighty Mahadeva Shiva and Almighty Maa Kali, we can easily attain the following beautiful, elusive and fulfilling spiritual attainments:

  • Awakening of our Kundalini,
  • Inner Purification,
  • Spiritual Healing,
  • Union with the Divine,
  • Englishtenment,
  • Liberation, and
  • Spiritual Empowerment, and

At the time of embarking on his journey to spread ShivKaliBodh, BhaiGuru took the following pledge:

“I pledge to spiritually mentor all in ShivKaliBodh without any selfish interest, without promoting falsehood and without creating a system for self-appeasement. I pledge to work tirelessly for the emancipation of the mankind and remain surrendered to the supreme divine powers all the time.”