By following the ShivKaliBodh spiritual system and by the grace of Almighty Mahadeva Shiva and Almighty Maa Kali, we can easily attain the following beautiful, elusive and fulfilling spiritual attainments:

1. Awakening of our Kundalini,

2. Inner Purification,

3. Spiritual Healing,

4. Union with God,

5. Enlightenment,

6. Liberation, and

7. Spiritual Empowerment.

At the time of embarking on his journey to spread ShivKaliBodh, BhaiGuru took the following pledge:

“I pledge to spiritually mentor all in ShivKaliBodh without any selfish interest, without promoting falsehood and without creating a system for self-appeasement. I pledge to work tirelessly for the emancipation of the mankind and remain surrendered to the supreme divine powers all the time”.