Shiva is the supreme auspicious God. He is Mahadeva, the greatest among Gods. Since time immemorial, he is worshipped as the Supreme Being, who creates, protects, transforms and destroys the universe. His power is Maa Parvati, who is present in his left side. Together they form the supreme divine power, Ardhnarishvara.

In form, Shiva is perceived as sitting in eternal Samadhi, adorned with a serpent around his neck, with the crescent moon and the holy river Ganga in his matted hair. He has a third eye on his forehead and holds a trident with drum in his hand. His body is known to be very tough and he is invincible. He is very simple deep within and nothing can disturb his equanimity.

In formless, Almighty Mahadeva is unborn, eternal, transcendental, limitless, nothingness and the unchanging Supreme God. He is the most powerful divine energy. He is the Paramatma (Supreme Soul). He is present in all living beings as Atma (soul). His virtues are unfathomable, unlimited and beyond human comprehension. He is not bound by anything, which is also the essence of our soul. He is joy and bliss. He is the all-pervading cosmic consciousness and the source of our inner energy. In the formless, he is also worshipped as the shivling.