Along with divine love, the awakening of divine virtues within us and their manifestation in our thoughts, behavior and actions also form an essential part of our spiritual growth in ShivKaliBodh. The significance of the manifestation of divine virtues is discussed below:

In our lives we involuntarily adopt the virtues of someone we love and adore, such as our parents, an icon, a friend, or a beloved. Therefore, if we love and adore the Almighty God deep in our heart, then the divine virtues should awaken within us. When the passion in our attachment to God is intense, the divine attributes awaken within us instinctively and become a part of our being. As a result, our negativities are destroyed. Then we can be sure that the divine powers we worship have become active within us. Then and only then we will become true reflections of the supreme powers, Almighty Maa Kali and Almighty Mahadeva Shiva.