The destiny of Bhaiguru Mahesh propelled him on the path of enlightment and union with the divine. His spiritual journey of 27 years is very interesting and inspiring. His spiritual journey is briefly discussed below:

From his childhood he firmly believed in God. His parents taught him to respect all religions and inculcate the principles of humanity. During his early years, he had many experiences of the presence of the divine energy within. However, at that time he did not understand the meaning of these experiences. The frequency of these spiritually vibrant experiences increased during his days in college, but at that time also he could not understand their significance. Many years later, he realized that these incidents were to inform him of the destined purpose of his life.

After completing his engineering, he tried to lead his life with the normal aspirations of a young man, but he soon realized that amassing wealth and material things just did not motivate him to move forward in life. The opportunist nature of people disturbed him emotionally. On seeing the poor and helpless, he wished to help them but was upset due to his inability to change their lives. The desire of rich people towards amassing money and power surprised him so much that he would wonder whether he was abnormal as he was incapable of understanding them.

He found solace in reading spiritual books and discussions, but this was not enough for him. He was seeking something more fulfilling, blissful and peaceful. The pain of seeking in his heart had become unbearable. After trying all material ways, he understood that he could find relief only in spirituality. He wished to do something to transform the lives of humans and he knew that he could do this only if his union with the divine was established. He also knew that the union of mankind with the divine was urgently required.

By the time he was 28 years, the seeking within him became even stronger. However, he did not wish to leave his family and become a hermit since he felt that spiritual connection could be attained by remaining in family also. He was inspired by the life of Guru Nanak and knew that outside renunciation was not the solution. Renunciation had to be from within, which was the ultimate libeation.

At the age of 29, Bhaiguru experienced a most blessed attainment which took him futher on the path of his destiny. His Kundalini awakened by the grace of Mataji Nirmala Devi. He remembers his years in Sahaja Yoga as the golden period of his life. During these years, he immersed himself in the spiritual work of Sahaja Yoga. He met many spiritually evolved seekers and learnt to do Sadhana (desiplined and dedicated practice of spirituality). This was the time when Anurag Kar, a follower of Sahaja Yoga came in his life and become his spiritual brother and mentor. Together, they spread the message of Mataji Nirmala Devi in the towns and villages of Northern India.

However, with passing years, Bhaiguru’s spiritual beliefs came in conflict with some of the teachings of Sahaja Yoga. He also felt that his spiritual progress had stalled. So, he decided to leave this organization. Then in year 2002, he took initiation from Shri Babaji. His spiritual journey with his second guru continued till March 2017. During this period, he worked hard in his profession and devoted most of his spare time to spreading the teachings of Shri Babaji. Many people began accepting him as their spiritual guide and started lovingly addressing him as ‘BhaiGuru’. He became a staunch devotee of Maa Kali and was blessed with the knowledge of the divine truth.

However, BhaiGuru was still not satisfied with his spiritual growth. He was not seeking spiritual recognition or a multitude of desciplies. He knew that his connection with the divine had not completely established. He was also finding it more and more difficult to ignore the falsehoods in the spiritual system he was following. He also understood that this was not the ultimate spiritual process for the emancipation of mankind that he was seeking since the last several years.

In March 2017, by the grace of Maa Kali, he was able to leave his second guru also. He spent hours meditating and praying to Maa Kali. In April 2017, he was blessed with ShivKaliBodh, the ultimate spiritual path for the awakening of our Kundalini Shakti. This is the supreme path for our Enlightenment, Union with the Divine and Spiritual Empowerment. This is the spiritual path to transform our lives. Since then, BhaiGuru has been working tirelessly to awaken the divinity in mankind.