The thumb rule for evaluating the legitimacy of any path for our union with the divine is to see whether this system is empowering us or merely making us dependent upon someone. Our union with the divine is our liberation and salvation. It is an endless celebration. Bliss will be temporary if we continue to remain in chains.

The ShivKaliBodh Spiritual Processes are clearly defined in the book, The Prakram. This book clearly explains the steps for energizing and balancing our subtle body, awakening our Kundalini and establishing our union with the divine. The awakening and manifestation of the power of divine love and divine virtues within us will happen spontaneously once we follow the processes prescribed in ShivKaliBodh Prakram with devotion and discipline.

After practicing these spiritual processes for 15 days, we will feel the activation of the divine energy within. By the grace of Maa Kali, our Kundalini will awaken and we will feel the flow of divine vibrations on our palms and on the top of our heads. This will be the first validation of the authenticity of the ShivKaliBodh spiritual process.

As the desire to achieve the next level of spiritual growth surges, we will follow the spiritual process with more love, devotion, discipline, and enthusiasm. The fulfilment of our worldly desires, the transformations in our life and our spiritual achievements will further confirm the genuineness of the ShivKaliBodh spiritual system.

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