Aura Scanner is a scientific device that can detect the energies of our subtle body. It also gives a measurement of these energies. This device works on the principle that all the living and non-living things in this world have energy. The aura scanner senses the frequency of these energies and gives a precise reading of its measurement. It can also distinguish between the negative and positive energies.

In ShivKaliBodh, the energies of the seekers are first checked with the Aura Scanner. Then the seekers are advised to follow the ShivKaliBodh Spiritual Processes for the purification of their divine aura, chakras, channels and bhavasagar for 15 days. After this duration, the energies are again checked. The seekers see a tremendous improvement in the energies of their subtle body.

As the energies of the subtle body increase with their purification, the problems and diseases of the seekers being to heal. On seeing the improvements in their wordly and spiritual life, the seekers realize the magnitude of their attainments and thank Almighty Mahadeva Shiva and Almighty Adishakti Maa Kali for their blessings.