The awakening of the power of divine love within us is an essential part of our spiritual growth in ShivKaliBodh. It is important to understand the significance of divine love and how its manifestation can transform our lives. This is discussed below :

We all seek love. There isn’t a more beautiful feeling than of loving someone and being loved. We learn the value of love from our parents, and with time we begin to love our family, friends and the special ones who come in our lives. Sometimes reality strikes and heartbreaks happen. The ones we love hurt us, ignore us, or just leave us. Some move away temporarily and some forever. Some don’t meet our expectations, some find others, some are dishonest, some are rude, some don’t respect us, some are busy in their own worlds, and some don’t reciprocate with the same intensity.

Thus, love is such a complicated feeling that sometimes this thought comes in our mind…does true love really exist?

For this we should first understand that human love is limited, because it is dependent upon our expectations. If our expectations are not met, we feel unhappy. Our love does not remain pure for long since it gets polluted by our ego, moods, habits and so many other things. Hence, happiness is temporary in human love and at times it becomes the cause of our unhappiness.

Then how can we find true love?

For this we have to think of the love our parents exhibit for us. Their love is without expectations. They just find happiness in loving and caring for us. This is a good example to understand divine love. Another example we can refer for divine love is the love exhibited by Mother Earth. She gives us everything without expecting anything in return. She does not distribute its bounty based on caste, color, religion or creed and gives to all.

This unconditional love is divine love. It is unlimited as it is not expectation oriented.

With the awakening of the power of divine love within us, we find happiness in the process of loving and caring for all. Such is the magnificence of the power of divine love that once awakened within us, our heart becomes magnanimous and we begin to enjoy the process of loving others without expecting anything in return. Once we become loving, we also become compassionate, truthful, tolerant, forgiving and benevolent. Then we find true love and experience enduring bliss in our lives.