The spiritual journey of BhaiGuru began in May 1993, when he joined Sahaj Yog, a spiritual system for self-realization and became a devotee of Mata Nirmala Devi. After nine years of following Sahaj Yog, he realized that his spiritual growth had stagnated. Therefore, he left Sahaj Yog, and in July 2002, he adopted the spiritual system founded by Shri Babaji. This phase of his spiritual odyssey helped him in realizing AdishaktiMa Kali and awakened the power of divine love within him. His life transformed in many ways, and these changes were seen by people connected with him.

Gradually, his desire to spread the love of Adishakti Ma Kali and Mahadev Shiv became very intense. However, he was unable to find the right path to share with all the magnificence of the supreme divinity. Eventually, on 7 March 2017, he bid adieu to Shri Babaji and began to meditate on Ma Kali for long hours and prayed to her to grant him the ultimate path for union with the divine. Eventually, on the auspicious day of purnima, 10 April 2017, he was blessed with ShivKaliBodh. Divine mother gifted him the spiritual system to awaken within us the ultimate divinity, ShivShakti. This was the culmination of 25 years of his devoted worship to Almighty AdiShakti Ma Kali and Almighty Mahadev Shiv.

He first taught the ShivKaliBodh system to a few ShivShakti devotees on Guru Purnima, 9 July 2017. In the evening, few devotees got together and offered puja to divine mother and then performed havan, and accepted the ever-giving and ever-loving Mahadev Shiv and Ma Kali as guru and ultimate divinity. This day was the most important and significant day of his spiritual journey since it marked the beginning of ShivKaliBodh, which is the system to awaken and manifest the power of divine love and divine virtues in all mankind.

By practicing ShivKaliBodh, devotees attain self-realization and their kundalini awakens. Their union with the divine is established, leading them to their spiritual empowerment. Consequently, the devotees attain contentment, joy, bliss and peace. Their problems begin to solve and diseases are cured. All experience the best time of their lives.

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