I am from Meerut and did my schooling from there. I had always been a very studious student. I loved to write and participated in debates and declamation contests in school. Then I did my LLB and began my professional career. I achieved excellence at a very young age. In 2014, I was working in a senior position in Oxfam India, which is an International NGO working in India. I was living a good life.
However, somewhere in the middle of the highs and lows of life, I moved on the path of self-destruction and started doing drugs. Consequently, due to my addiction, I lost everything in life. My friends left me, my wife left me and I also lost my job. Even my parents stopped supporting me. In retrospect, it seems to me that all this happened because the divine had written my destiny differently.
In April 2017, at the lowest point in my life, I met BhaiGuru Mahesh. He was not aware of my addiction at that time and asked me to help him by editing his books. I readily agreed. He gave me selfless love and respect. This motivated me to change my outlook towards God and from being an agnostic all my life, I became a believer. Even when BhaiGuru came to know of my addiction, he continued to guide me spiritually. I surrendered myself at the holy lotus feet of Maa Kali and after a long struggle, I was finally able to overcome my drug problem in October 2019 and left drugs completely.
Thereafter, with the blessings of Maa Kali and Mahadeva Shiva, I got a good job. I am in love again and have begun to look forward to a happy future. My parents have also forgiven me. I pray to Maa Kali to shower everyone with her benevolence. I feel blessed that I am helping BhaiGuru Mahesh in his selfless mission to awaken the power of God within mankind.

- Nipun Chandershekhar

I got a new lease of life since I came to ShivKaliBodh. The god of death, Yamaraja had put my name in his list in the year 2017. I had been keeping unwell for a very long time, but I did not know the reason. In December 2017, I went to Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi for check-up. The doctors told me that I had a serious thyroid problem. There were severe lumps in my throat which had to be operated. They said that the chances of success of the operation were not high. I was terrified. I took all my reports and came to ShivKali Ashram on 25 December 2017.
I met BhaiGuru Mahesh and showed him my medical reports. He checked the vibrations of my chakras and told me that the condition of my Vishuddhi Chakra was very disturbed. However, he assured me that I will be able to recover with spiritual treatment. He taught me the ShivKaliBodh spiritual and purification processes, which I quickly learnt. Since I have always been a firm believer in God, I was sure that Maa Kali and Mahadeva Shiva would cure me.
BhaiGuru told me not to stop my medicines at all. He regularly checked by vibrations and guided me to do the sadhana properly. I learnt the right way to offer puja to God, to do havan and all the spiritual processes. I had to unlearn many wrong things I had learnt about life and God during my last 55 years. I had faith in BhaiGuru, who was fully surrendered to Maa Kali and Mahadeva Shiva.
After one month, the lumps in my throat began to reduce in size. After two months, these lumps vanished completely. I was recovering speedily. The doctors in Safdarjung Hospital were shocked to see my recovery and did not believe when I told them about the Spiritual Healing in ShivKaliBodh. Soon I regained my strength and started taking care of the ShivKali Ashram.
After four months, when I got all the tests done again, the thyroid test report came negative. Now more than two years have passed since I came to ShivKali Ashram. I am leading a very healthy and happy life. My depression and other problems have also vanished. Now I have completely devoted my life in helping BhaiGuru in spreading the message of God.

-Maya Rajput

These days many people talk about spirituality. However, many of them have not understood the truth completely. Thus, they give superficial knowledge only. However, in ShivKaliBodh, the spiritual knowledge imparted to the seekers is very deep, practical and logical. Since the day I got connected with ShivKaliBodh, I have learnt many divine truths and understood my spiritual goals. BhaiGuru explains the divine truths scientifically and logically. His knowledge of energies, chakras and Kundalini is profound. Initially, I did not take these energies seriously but after experiencing their effect on my life, now I accept them fully with devotion and respect. I have experienced many positive transformations in my life since the time I started practicing ShivKaliBodh. I am indeed blessed to be a part of this spiritual organization.

-Vijay Bhasin

Till September 2018, I was an atheist. After coming to ShivKaliBodh, when I leant the spiritual processes and started practicing them, I felt the surge of positive energy within me and observed many positive developments in my life. Thereafter, I became a devotee of Maa Kali. I am a very health conscious person. I take care of myself. I also do yoga regularly. However, inspite of all this, in September 2018, I was diagnosed with High BP and Thyroid. This disturbed me immensely since I have always strived to remain healthy. Then I met BhaiGuru Mahesh and he suggested that I should follow the ShivKaliBodh spiritual processes for connecting with God and for my inner purification. I learnt these processes and started practicing them. After a few weeks, I noticed that my health was improving. This motivated me to follow the processes with more devotion and discipline. My blood pressure became normal after three months and in June 2019, when I got the thyroid test done, the reports were normal. Now I am fully cured and have started enjoying pujas and meditation.

-Poonam Sharma

I am from Bhopal. I graduated in law from Symbiosis Law School, Noida. Presently, I am doing LLM from DNLU, Jabalpur. I joined ISKON many years back where I learnt devotion (bhakti). I also learnt the Shastras in a systematic manner in ISKON. When I came to ShivKaliBodh and started doing the ShivKaliBodh spiritual processes, my Kundalini awakened. Soon I experienced the deep meditative state. BhaiGuru taught me spiritual treatment and the way to transfer energies. Now I can feel the disbalance in the energies of other people on my fingers and give the treatment accordingly. I feel blessed to give treatment to others. I feel very happy when the problems of the seekers solve by the grace of Maa Kali and Mahadeva Shiva and they begun to lead a happy life.

-Aman Khare

I am from Faridabad. I have been a devotee of Sai Baba since childhood. Sai Baba blessed me by connecting me with Maa Kali. My journey in ShivKaliBodh is as follows:
My husband, Gagan had suffered heavy losses in his business in Sonepat. Consequently, he was in severe stress and went into depression. We lived like this for many years. He became medically unfit. He also began to suffer from a strange problem. Whenever he would visit a temple and a place with positive vibrations, he would start trembling. We took him to professional pundits and other such people, but he could not be cured. We lost a lot of money in paying all these people. We had begun to lose all hope and our life was in a mess.
One day, Gagan was speaking with Vijay Bhasin on phone and he told him about his problems. Vijay ji asked him to come to Noida and meet BhaiGuru Mahesh. Then in October 2018, Gagan came and met BhaiGuru in ShivKali Ashram. He felt the positive vibrations of the ashram and decided to come again for his spiritual treatment. BhaiGuru Mahesh told him that his energies were extremely disturbed and required at least three weeks of his stay in the ashram for complete recovery. On 1 January 2019, Gagan came to the ashram and started doing the sadhana as advised by BhaiGuru. After three weeks when he came back to Sonepat, we were all surprised to see his remarkable recovery. His face was glowing and he was mentally relaxed. He had come out of his bad phase. By the grace of Maa Kali, he got a job in a very good firm in July 2019. Now we are very happy.
I have also learnt the spiritual processes of ShivKaliBodh and practice them. I have observed many positive changes in myself as well as my son. I feel that now I have the blessings and protection of Maa Kali and Mahadeva Shiva. I thank Sai Baba for bringing me to ShivKaliBodh.

-Surabhi Verma

My wife, Surabhi Verma has already narrated her experiences. They are all true and my miraculous recovery has given me a new life. Before I had come to ShivKali ashram, I had thought all was finished. I remember the words of BhaiGuru when I first met him and he noticed my suicidal state. He said, “You should not worry. We all experience troubles in our lives. But the ones whom God loves are guided to the right place. You are one of the loved ones. You will be fine soon. Just do your sadhana in ShivKaliBodh properly. Rest Maa Kali will see”.
I remember that on the 19th day of my spiritual treatment in ShivKaliBodh, while BhaiGuru was giving me Agni treatment, the spirit possessing me left me. Thereafter, my body stopped trembling and it was the beginning of a new life for me. Now I am working in a big organization in Ahmedabad and my financial difficulties are gradually ending.

-Gagan Verma

I am from Madhepura, Bihar. I am a Civil Engineer. I came to ShivKali Ashram in July 2019. Since childhood I had the desire to connect with God. I was very serious about this and made all kinds of efforts for my union with God. I leant Yoga, Pranayama and Shastras. Then, by the grace of God, I came to ShivKaliBodh and started practicing the spiritual processes taught by BhaiGuru Mahesh. After few weeks of following these processes, I experienced the awakening of my Kundalini. This was the most blissful experience of my life and I felt cool vibrations on my Sahasrara. Since then, it has become very easy for me to meditate for long durations. Now I am sure that I will be able to reach my spiritual goal very soon.

-Navneet Bharat

I am from Bihar. I did my engineering from Amity University, Noida. I am a professional singer. I am a devotee of Sai Baba and by his blessings I came to ShivKaliBodh. In July 2019, I met BhaiGuru Mahesh. I felt positive vibrations when I first came to the ashram. I was suffering from severe depression and BhaiGuru started my spiritual treatment. After some days, I could feel vibrations on the top of my head. This was the first proof I got that my Kundalini had awakened. Since then, my health has improved, and I have recovered from the depression. Though I have a long way to go since I am unable to go the spiritual processes regularly, but I know that I have got the divine protection.

-Surabhi Kashyap

I am from Kolkata. I am a staunch devotee of Maa Kali and have been worshipping her for many years. I always wanted to connect with Maa Kali, but this was not happening. I knew that I needed the guidance of a true guru to reach my spiritual goal. However, since the last 18 years I had been unable to find my guru.
As a hobby, I practice astrology. In May 2018, I came to know from my astrological chart that the time to reach my guru had come. One day I came to know about BhaiGuru and called him. He expressed his happiness when I told him that I was seeking enlightenment. He asked me to come to Noida as soon as possible for a few days to learn the spiritual processes. I had never been out of Kolkata since birth and my friends and relatives told me not to go. However, I had full faith that Maa Kali would not send me to a wrong place and I also trusted my astrological calculations. So, I came to Noida and met BhaiGuru.
Soon I realized that I had found my guru. When I told him this, he advised me to accept Maa Kali as the guru and assured me that he will guide me in my spiritual journey. I liked the humble attitude of BhaiGuru. Soon I learnt the spiritual and purifications processes from him and I was blessed by Maa Kali with the awakening of my Kundalini. I returned to Kolkata a different person. Since then, many of my problems have solved and my financial position has improved. I feel that my connection with Maa Kali had happened.
Since then I have been to Noida three times. Now by the grace of Maa Kali and Mahadeva Shiva and the guidance of BhaiGuru Mahesh, ShivKaliBodh Kolkata Center has been started from my house in Kolkata.

-Subol Roy

I am a simple village woman from Village Asgarpur, Noida. My life turned upside down in the year 2017 when my elder son, Ashish was put in jail by the police in a false case. Our financial position crashed since we lost everything in paying the court fees. I visited all kinds of professional pundits, bhagats and tantriks (people practicing tantra) to help save my son but all merely took money from us and nothing positive happened. I went into deep depression. I had deep belief in God and prayed for help. However, my mental state became very sensitive and I started crying over small matters. Then like a messiah BhaiGuru came in our lives. Maya ji would visit our village regularly and told us about ShivKaliBodh and the powers of Maa Kali. One day in July 2018, BhaiGuru Mahesh performed a yagya in our village and I met him. He asked me to follow the ShivKaliBodh spiritual processes properly to connect with Maa Kali and assured me that all will be fine.
I stayed in ShivKali Ashram for a few days and took spiritual treatment from him. Soon the spirits possessing me left me and my depression began to cure. I got more strength and began to go my sadhana with devotion and discipline. Soon my second son, Deepak, my daughter, Jyoti and my husband, Subhash Chauhan also started following ShivKaliBodh. The vibrations of our house began to change and our financial position also began to improve.
Now more than a year has passed. My health is completely alright. Deepak is working in ShivKaliBodh and has changed for better. The case of Ashish is also reaching a stage when he will be released from jail. I am sure that the blessings of Maa Kali and Mahadeva Shiva are with me and my family.

-Usha Chauhan

I joined ShivKaliBodh in July 2018. That time I had just completed my 12th class. Although I believed in God, but I could not accept the superstitious beliefs prevalent in our village. So, I did not do any puja nor visit the temple. When BhaiGuru Mahesh first performed the yagya in our village in July 2018, for the first time in my life I recited the mantras during the havan and offered ahuti in the fire.
Then I started visiting the ShivKali Ashram with my parents. I listened intently when BhaiGuru explained religion and spirituality to us. I would ask many questions about God and he would answer them patiently. In fact, I felt that he was very happy explaining the truth of God to all of us. Initially, I did not like sitting in the pujas since every day there is a puja and havan in the ashram. However, when I understood that these help in purifying our inner energies and awaken the power of God within, I started participating in the pujas and havan willingly.
Since then many positive transformations have occurred in my life. Now I do not lose my temper easily. I am more focused on my work. By the grace of Maa Kali, I have learnt editing and video shooting and do these works for ShivKaliBodh.

-Deepak Chauhan

Few years back, I retired as General Manager, NTPC. One day in August 2019, while taking a walk in a park near my house in Noida, I met Swami Nityabodhananda Saraswati. He took me to ShivKali Ashram and introduced me to BhaiGuru Mahesh. We shared our views on spirituality. Soon I found that like me, BhaiGuru also wished to spread awareness of the rich spiritual heritage of Hinduism. He checked my vibrations and explained the processes for purifying and balancing the energies of my subtle body and awakening of my Kundalini.
Earlier I was a follower of the Sanatana Dharma way of life, but 25 years back, I left this path and adopted the Arya Samaj way of living. However, deep within I still held on to my original belief system. After coming to ShivKaliBodh and practicing the pujas, havans and other spiritual practices here, my belief in the Sanatana Dharma was restored. Since then I have been enjoying these spiritual processes and feel very happy to have connected with ShivKaliBodh. BhaiGuru only speaks the divine truth and is working for the spiritual upliftment of mankind, without any selfish interest.


My husband had lost his job and we were in severe stress. I was also very disturbed due to some family problems. Around this time in October 2019, ShivKaliBodh Nithari Center started working from our shop and I met BhaiGuru Mahesh. He seemed to be an ordinary person, but others told me that he helps everyone though spiritual healing. Initially, I did not take him seriously.
Then one day I visited the ShivKali Ashram along with my husband and told BhaiGuru about our problems. He checked our energies and said, “Do not worry. Just follow the ShivKaliBodh processes. As soon as the energies of your Nabhi Chakra and Vishuddhi Chakra purify and come in balance, your husband will get a job”. It was difficult to believe him but since the problems of many people coming to ShivKaliBodh had solved, we decided to follow him. I have immense belief in God. So, it was very easy for me to follow the spiritual processes, but my husband did not do them regularly. When I told this to BhaiGuru, he said, “Don’t worry. You keep doing the processes and purify your energies. Once your energies improve, your husband will get the job since the energies of both of you are connected”. I regularly started visiting the ShivKaliBodh Nithari center also. Soon I started doing all the spiritual processes of ShivKaliBodh with devotion and discipline. After two months, I was delighted when my husband got a job. Now he has also started doing the processes since his belief has also increased.

-Nitu Yadav

In January 2020, when I first came to ShivKali Ashram, I was a completely shattered person. I had lost my job since my health was in a very precarious condition. I used to tremble and get fits. This problem had been there for many years but now it had become very serious. My uncle in my village practices black magic and had been troubling my whole family for many years. Every member of my family is suffering from such fits and problems and everyone in the village knows that my uncle uses black magic to do bad things to us. My husband and my elder daughter were also suffering. One day I had visited the ShivKaliBodh Nithari Center and came to know about BhaiGuru. Same evening, I met him. He checked my vibrations and said that all my inner energies were disturbed and I was also possessed. All this came in the report of the aura scanner. I was not surprised. Then BhaiGuru assured me that all will be well if I follow his advice with devotion and discipline for 15 days. I agreed willingly and next day I also brought my husband, Rajesh to the ashram. Every day we started coming to the ashram and did the spiritual processes. Everyone was very nice to us. Maya ji would cook meals for us. All my three children also started coming and were treated with love by everyone in the ashram. They also started doing the purification processes and participated in the evening pujas and havan. After 15 days, when BhaiGuru again checked our vibrations with the aura scanner, the energies of our chakras had improved and the black magic had gone. Me and my husband could feel the change within us. We stopped getting disturbed at night and stopped trembling. I thank Maa Kali for saving me and my family. I will soon call my sisters from the village and bring them to the ashram.