Knowledge gained in any field serves no purpose till we implement this knowledge. This is the basic objective of any skill or education acquired by us. Our learning empowers us only after we implement our learning.

Similarly, once the divine love and virtues awaken within us, we should manifest them in our thoughts, behavior and actions. When we completely manifest divine love and virtues, we can be sure that our union with the divine has established. This is our spiritual empowerment. We are propelled into the realm of our divine mother, where we experience unlimited love, protection, good health, prosperity, peace, joy and bliss.

The spiritual system to guide us on our path of awakening, manifesting, enligetenment and establishing our union with the divine is ShivKaliBodh. Almighty Maa Kali and Almighty Mahadeva Shiva lovingly guide us on the path of our spiritual empowerment. We just have to learn and adopt the ShivKaliBodh way of spiritual living and expressing our devotion to the divine.