Our subtle body comprises of divine aura, seven chakras, three channels, ocean of illusion and Kundalini Shakti. Divine Auras are the divine energies within us and surrounding us. Chakras are the seven energy centers present within us and these are connected by the three energy channels. Our Manipura Chakra is present within the ocean of illusion.

Our subtle body is very important since it completely controls our gross body and our life. Therefore, for our body to function normally and for our family, financial, health and social well-being, the energies of our subtle body should remain pure and in balance. Any disturbance in the energies of our subtle body can gravely affect our lives. We can become prone to various diseases and problems in life. Hence, in order to lead a healthy and happy life, we should work on the energies of our auras, chakras, and channels and keep them pure, energized, balanced and free of all kinds of negative influences.

Therefore, in ShivKaliBodh, Aura and Chakra Purification is very important for the spiritual curing of diseases and problems. This is called Spiritual Healing. The beauty and power of the ShivKaliBodh spirituality process is immense. With its proper practice, our connection with the all-pervading divine energy is established and this cures all our personal, health and family problems. ShivKaliBodh follows a prescribed process for Spiritual Healing. As our subtle body energies are purified, energized and balanced, all our family, health and financial problems begin to solve.

A novice may find this difficult to believe but those who are aware of spirituality, know the power of Spiritual Healing. The power of healing is inherent within us and we have to awaken this power to experience its influence on our health and happiness.