Our consciousness is our true guru, since it always communicates with us and guides us. Thus, the power of the guru is within us but all the time we seek the guru outside. If we awaken our guru tattva, we can become our own spiritual masters. Therefore, our spiritual evolvement should be such that we should eventually become our own gurus. Since our consciousness belongs with the supreme divine power, our ultimate guru is none other but Shivashakti.

The awakening of our Guru tattva is possible only with the awakening of our Kundalini and our Enlightenment. For this, we should learn and practice the ShivKaliBodh spiritual system. With the awakening of our Kundalini and union with the divine, our inner consciousness becomes very active and we attain the sensitivity to listen to it. Our consciousness becomes our constant guide and helps us in enjoying the gifts of life by remaining grounded in a spiritual way of living.